IM, VoIP, SMS, radio and TV, all together


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Goober is a multi-protocol IM client which combines all the fun of chat, radio stations and online TV.

Protected file transfers, videocalls, picture presentation, VoIP, emoticons, music and more. You can find all in Goober.

If you don't know anybody using Goober, don't worry, because you can access other active conversations, so you will meet new friends. If you want to meet more people, you can configure your profile and it will be easier.

Of course, as we have told, it is a multi-protocol IM client, so you will be able to access your MSN, ICQ or Yahoo account.

Goober also includes a VoIP client so you will be able to call PC to PC for free or have cheap PC to landline calls.

And when you'll be tired of chatting sessions, just choose your favorite radio station or online TV show.
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